Here You are

Silent, consummate

In Your Truth divine

Here I stand

With a confidence

That should not be mine



Whither I wander

Whether I wane

These roads erode

My heart and brain

What’s to remember

What’s there to save

If my soul lies dismembered

In a world made my grave

Ode to Vitamin B-12

O subtle Solomon

Cognomen Cobalamin

Thou methylated frolic

Thru a pathway Folic

Homocysteine restore

to Methionine form

(That protein initiate

Angiogenesis propitiate)

Hydrophilic vitamin

In thy glory corrin

Guard our precious myelin

Lest our brains regress

Withal anemic stress






What the Shadows Whisper

Come here, little whore.

We can reach you, little whore.

We can teach you, little whore.

We can bleed you, little whore.

Look here, little whore.

You’re so filthy.

So stained, little slut-

So maimed, little slut-

So filthy-

Too filthy,

To be anything more-

That Dream

I had that dream

where you have time

I had that dream

where you’re alive

I plundered tills

and swallowed pills

to trap that dream

behind my eyes



With dark and strain

And serous flame

He burns the sinner

Into a saint

With nails and thorns,

The altar’s scythe,

He bleeds the whore

Into a bride